Daehangno District: Outdoor Statues

Front of Arko Art Center


buildinggardenPart 3 in the Daehangno District: Statues in Gardens of Arts Council of Korea

To one side of the park is The Arts Council of Korea (ARKO), housed in Arko Art Center (architecture by Kim Swoo-geun, 1977). 
Arko Art Center, which has become an important landmark in the Daehangno area, is one of the most representative works by Kim Swoo-geun, who wanted the building to be a “poem written with light and bricks”.


The building has exhibition spaces inside, where local artists of all kinds can have their works exhibited. There’s also a café, but I didn’t go into that.

An attractive garden surrounds two sides of the building and I found some fascinating outdoor sculptures in the garden, done by local artists. Here are two, as examples.

The first is called “Ecology Cycle”, 2005, by Lee Sangho (see below)


The second is “Outflowing Strength”, 1978, by Noh Jae Seung (see below)



Sculpture to Honor Road Workers

The plaques with names of all the workers are on back right edge of plaza

statuecloserAt the Nokcha Service Area on Highway 10 in the SW part of Korea we saw a really gorgeous outdoor sculpture in the gardens—huge, bright, shiny. We found out from Chang that it’s to honor all the people who worked on the construction of Highway 10—one of the amazing highways with so many tunnels that we lost count. Highway 10 is the Namhae Expressway, started in late 1972, and completed April 2012. What a great idea, as there must have been millions of man-hours involved!

Viv M in the sculpture—shows how big it is!

statueupThe stone plaques behind it list all the names of the workers apparently—obviously we couldn’t read any of it. Chang could not find a plaque with the name of the sculptor, though. Most of the service areas have a garden/park area, and many have a sculpture or statue or two.