Green Tea: More Than Just a Beverage

Tea bushes at Daehan Dawon Green Tea Garden
Green tea products

greenproductsMany countries in Asia love green tea and use it a lot. These countries grow a fair amount of tea and in Japan and Korea we’ve seen tea bushes growing in a number of places. In Korea we were lucky enough to be taken by a friend and colleague to visit a tea plantation called the Daehan Dawon Green Tea Garden (see here

In both Japan and Korea we’ve tasted many different types of green tea and had green tea icecream, which in my opinion is one of the best flavors for icecream, as it’s not too sweet.

Rod and I at Daehan Dawon Green Tea Garden
Sun block
What a beautiful set to drink your tea from!

But, it’s really interesting to see how many other products are available that also use green tea, showing that this tea is far more than just a beverage. There is candy, soap and sunblock, for example. At the shop at the Daehan Dawon  Green Tea Garden in Korea we saw noodles, rice, candy; face creams and face packs, green tea bath packs, body lotions, sun block; potions for medicinal purposes, such as helping food poisoning and motion sickness.

And in the USA it’s also possible now to buy many of these kinds of products.



barbiscuitsGreen tea has the connotation and reputation of being healthy, so supposedly any of these products would be more healthy for you than one without green tea. I haven’t personally tried many of these other products, but it’s worth thinking about.




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