Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

Sign for the tuna restaurant
The street where the restaurant is located

2groupFantastic Final Feast with Fanfare

Tuna Dinner like no other we’ve ever experienced

On our final evening at Seoul National University, our hosts Dr Baik and his wife Myunghee Kwon took Rod and I out for a very special tuna dinner in a nearby nightlife area.

The name of the restaurant is Sajon, and it turns out it’s a chain of tuna restaurants. We had our own private room, seated at a low table, as so often happens at nice eating places in Korea.

Our hosts, Dr Bail and Myunghee Kwon


Sashimi as an entree/appetizer

What can I say? It was a meal fit for a king or queen, as dish after dish was served at our table. We’ve never had so much raw tuna before!

Entrees (appetizers) were dishes, all beautifully prepared and presented, of regular sashimi (yellowtail, salmon, shrimp); a huge conch that was flambéed; skewers of cooked shrimp with a sauce; a kind of seafood tempura; crab legs; pieces of octopus.


Conch flambe
More appetizers

Then came dishes of raw tuna, some pieces with a speck of gold to indicate the highest quality. All delicious and amazing.

Different cuts of tuna
Tuna with a speck of gold

But perhaps the cherry on the top was a visit from the chef. He came to our room with a large board and knife, plus the tuna head, and demonstrated how to cut the head and extract some special meat parts, like the cheeks. We would never have known that this is a rare delicacy.



2finalAfter this was the final course, which they jokingly called dessert, perhaps because it looked a little like giant green icecream cones. Slivvered pieces of tuna on rice were stuffed into dried seaweed cones. By then, we were so full that we couldn’t really do them justice!

It’s impossible to accurately describe this meal verbally, so I think it’s best to just enjoy it through the photos.

Thank you Dr Baik and Myunghee for giving us the opportunity to experience something so special and unique!



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