Statues at Seoul City Hall

Seoul’s new City Hall
A red creature outside the entrance
Many cute creatures in the lobby

Guaranteed to bring a smile to one’s face

In Korea we found many types of statues and sculptures all over the city. Some are very old and venerable and some are cute modern pieces—actually we found that Koreans generally like “cute” things, whether art or kids toys or clothes, or backpacks etc.

These ones, a red creature just outside the new City Hall and a group in the lobby, certainly qualify as “cute”, but when I read the plaque, we found that there is also a deeper message behind the cuteness.

Rod in the lobby

2pandaThe group inside is called “Hope for Those Who Have Lost Hope”, by Noh, June 2011-2013, automotive paint coloring on plastic.

It’s a group of animals and the plaque explains: “Cat “Clo”, otter “Sudaru”, penguin “Ping” and monkey “Kiki”….Are they animals that look like human beings or humans who look like animals? We can become one by having cute animal faces and human bodies, can’t we? These happy young animals visit City Hall. By seeing them, visitors can have a chance to think again about the abandoned pets that wander the streets of Seoul.”

We couldn’t find out what the outside red animal was—looks like a deer, a llama, or giraffe maybe? Very sweet anyway. 2Viv





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