Lamb Feast in Seoul

Outside the restaurant
General view inside
Inhyuk and Celia

Lamb Skewer Meal near Seoul National University

On our recent visit to Seoul for the special month-long course:

Inhyuk, who studied at SNU a number of years ago, had been telling us about the wonderful lamb meal that we could have in a local place that he knew. So, one free evening he took Rod, Celia and I and it was another marvelous meal—again! It seems that it’s hard to eat a poor meal in Korea.

Cook the skewers on the grill….
…and when some are cooked, place them on the top rack
Inhyuk, Celia and Rod

This is just an ordinary local eatery run by Chinese-Koreans (Koreans who fled to China during the Korean War, had families and stayed a couple of generations, but are now back in Korea). When I say “just” I mean not fancy, not catering to rich people, not really catering to tourists, but they sure do serve great food, and at reasonable prices, Inhyuk tells us (everthing is written in Korean, so we couldn’t read a thing!). In general, lamb is not that common in Korea, so that’s the Chinese influence where lamb is very popular, especially in hot-pot dishes.

Each table has a grill and a chimney vent in the center. Skewers with chunks of raw lamb

The noodle bowl is a meal in itself!

arrived, and we cooked those ourselves on the grill. Plates of kimchi and other pickled vegetables also arrived at the table, and Inhyuk ordered a local alcohol, kind of similar to soju. After we’d eaten all the lamb, we could choose between a bowl of rice or noodles. We opted for the noodles, which came in a soup base with lots of vegetables—very tasty.


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