Fabulous Fish Dinner

One evening, Dr Baik took Inhyuk, Celia, Rod and I to a Korean/Japanese restaurant not too far from Seoul National University for the most amazing fish meal.  We were in a private room, with a low table and seating on the floor (but with space for our legs in the hollow area below the table). Besides the many small side dishes, the fish dishes came in a certain prescribed order, which I’ll attempt to show with photos.

It was an amazing meal, a real feast for all the senses! Scroll through and take a look.

Many small side dishes while we wait
One of the side dishes is garlic cloves and gingko nuts!
First comes the sashimi, the slices served on big balls of grated daikon
Next come two plates of raw shellfish
More shellfish. Note the decorative daikon reindeers and carrot turtles!
Next comes a whole cooked fish (center plate). Inhyuk snaps this photo
The server takes a photo of the whole group
Then comes a soup with broth made from the bones of the sashimi fish
And last of all, vegetable and shrimp tempura.

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