Korea’s Rocky West Coast

Scene from the wetlands area
Some of the cliffs

Chaeseonkgang Cliffs

I wrote recently about a Korean Salt Field (see here https://vivskoreanadventures.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/harvesting-sea-salt/ ) called Komso (Gomso) Salt Field on the Byeonsan peninsula in the north part of Jeolla Province in the western part of Korea. Gomso is along the Gomsoman Bay, adjacent to the sea.


If you look closely you can see people looking for pebbles

The coastline around here is very interesting, stretching from Chaeseonkgang Cliffs to Gochang, an area that includes Gomso Salt Field. It features a very well-developed wetlands area, bays and inlets, and miles of cliffs.

After visiting the Salt Field and having lunch at Naesosa Temple, we walked along a short stretch of the Chaeseonkgang Cliffs, which are steep and rocky, with spits of rock and rock pools running along the “beach” area and into the sea too. It was lots of fun to look at and collect some of the multi-colored stones on the small sections of pebble beach—as many other Korean visitors were doing.

Rod and Chang amble around the rock pools
Some of the pretty pebbles

This is not a big tourist destination, although there are a number of large resort hotels nearby, largely used by Koreans. So, we felt very privileged to be able to visit somewhere so off-the-beaten-track in Korea and to see the “wild side” of the countryside (not an easy feat in this small country!)




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