Signs and Billboards


From the tram window in Suwon—except for PC and the green pharmacy sign we understand nothing
Pregnant women are respected here

One of the fascinating things about traveling in a foreign country is looking at the shop fronts, the signs, ads and billboards—these can also tell a lot about a country and its culture, what it finds useful, appealing and/or necessary. This is especially interesting when in a country that has a totally different language and alphabet, as in Korea.

In Korea, you can find many signs that are only in Korean, in which case we cannot imagine what they are about unless there’s also a picture! But, many times there is also some English, so it’s an interesting mix. We see many ads for special institutes that teach English, as learning English is especially valued in Korea.

More English here, including an English Institute 
We would never cope in this restaurant on Geoje Island without help from Chang

neonKorea, as with most Asian countries, loves bright neon, so at night the cityscapes really come alive! Some of the neon signs are really quite suggestive (if in English), and we wonder if the writers/translators really realized the innuendos of what’s written! (I haven’t included any of these, for obvious reasons!)

The Manjock!
Shop on way to Naesosa Temple


Jeonju, a traditional hanok town, wants to be a slow-paced place
In Suwon

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