Thanks To Our Korean Friends

Jongsoo, Mi, and Rod at Suwon Palace 2015
Viv, Jongsoo, and Mi at Suwon Palace 2015

Linking back to our first trip: We first visited Korea in 2009, also for a conference, and then had a wonderful road trip to the southeast part of Korea, thanks to friends Jongsoo Chang and Mi Kwon. I documented that whole experience here, so take a look:

This year, we stayed with Jongsoo and Mi for a couple of nights at the beginning of the trip, and they took us to Suwon Fortress and Palace. Lovely to see them again, and thanks so much!

Rod and Chang on a boat trip on the River Baengmagang
Dinner at the house of Chang and Geonghe

After the conference this year, Chang Hyun Kim was our wonderful host and took us on another amazing road trip—to southwest Korea, a different part of the country. Thanks so much Chang!

We also spent one night at Chang and his wife Geonghe’s house. We feel so very privileged for this hospitality.


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